Alaska Cancelled My Flight: What Am I Owed?


‘What am I owed?’ How’s that for incessant entitlement? And now for the facts of the situation:

Montana is no place for TPOL which is why I’m expatting it out of here with the help of readers who will decide where I live next. (vote here) To make life bearable (and to make money), I commute between the wilderness, New York, and abroad. Tonight, I was supposed to go to LAX to catch my flight to Guadalajara, Mexico.

I drove 100 miles to MSO airport and upon arriving learned that my flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues. With nowhere to go, I called Alaska who told me to check into a hotel and they would reimburse me for my troubles. No longer homeless, my next issue is that I arrive five hours later to Mexico than anticipated and will miss a meeting as a result.

I actually booked this trip with my Alaska Airlines card to hit the min spend so I don’t think I have the travel protection that other cards offer. I’m calling on my readers to tell me what remedies are available as my legal expertise are limited to international and consumer arbitration. If a corporation rips you off, I can fight for you. (see my guest blog series The Fine Print on Frequent Miler.) If you’re arrested or detained overseas, I can be helpful. (see my inaugural post What to Do If Locked Up Abroad, on the TPG) If it’s a DOT issue, I’m useless.

Since my phones don’t work in this state, I skipped doing the research and went for a beer and burger at the famous Mo Club.

Mo Club is under new management and has switched its allegiance from ND to UMICH
Mo Club is under new management and has switched its allegiance from ND to UMICH


  1. I’m shocked you don’t know about airline law!

    As stated above, the answer is nothing. Federal law covers IDBs and tarmac delays over 3 hrs.

    No protection for delays, cancellations, VDBs.

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