Training for the Tropics: Week 3 Improvement?


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Week 3 was better than week two but I’m not even close to getting into a groove. I should specify that my goal is to gain size not get cut. It’s easy to get into shape by following TPOL’s Tahiti Diet, it’s another thing to get big bro.

The worst part about this exercise plan is having to measure everything I eat. Sometimes I’m tired, sometimes I start cooking before I remember to measure, and sometimes I just don’t care. Tracking the calories half the time is pointless because at the end of the week, I have incomplete data.

I have the same problem at the gym where I skip exercises I don’t feel like doing and count my reps here and there.

The good news, if there is any, is that I am not that weak. I did 4 sets of 205, 2 reps each and some deadlifts at 225. I record these blooper videos and send them to my trainer for feedback. I’m sure my back was curved on the deadlifts.

Keeping track of the diet and the workouts is very tedious. The reason I am not quitting is because the program (and this blog series) keeps me accountable. I could go back to chicken and broccoli and look good for my trip but that is not the goal that I set for myself.

This week I’m in Guadalajara and Scottsdale for golf. Let’s see the discipline on the road.

225: Anything less would be uncivilized
225: Anything less would be uncivilized


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