Thursday, November 15, 2018

Going to Dominican Republic? Come to Puerto Rico Instead!

When I lived in Mongolia, nobody came to visit. When I lived in Montana, I might as well have been living in Mongolia. Same circumstances - no visitors. Now that I moved to Puerto...

Guns & Butter: Warsaw Travel Guide

People travel for different reasons. Michael W Travels to UNESCO sites. Boring people go to museums. TPOL's travels to eat and drink.

Westin Warsaw: From Bloc to Bright

I would like to see pictures of buildings that were here before the Westin was built. I'm sure they would be starkly different than this towering hotel which is next to JP Morgan's headquarters.

Lula’s Burgers: Delicious in Dorado

Lula's Burgers is part of the TPOL Moves to PR Trip Report. A sage man once said, "Do not buy a house on an empty stomach." Heeding that advice, I took a break from playing...

Bags Recovered! Ending My Tel Aviv Ordeal

Bags Recovered is part of the #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL where I break my 100 country count mark. See the World Map for where I’ve been. Female announcer: Captain Oveur, white courtesy phone. Captain Clarence Oveur, white courtesy...

No Daylight Savings in Puerto Rico! Literally, When Will the US Catch Up?

No Daylight Savings in Puerto Rico is part of the TPOL Moves to PR Trip Report. Daylight savings is one of the dumbest things man has created. It rivals the CFP Playoff Selection Committee, which...

Renaissance NY Hotel 57th: Only 57th by Name

When you think of Manhattan hotels, you think of midtown and the area around 57th Street. There you will find The Four Seasons, The Plaza, the flagship Park Hyatt NYC, The St. Regis New York, and Parker New York, formerly Hotel Review: Le Parker Méridien.

Long Island Railroad: Another Way to Avoid Uber from JFK Airport

Good afternoon tourist. Welcome to New York City. Oh wait, you're actually in Jamaica, Queens.

Residence Inn Downtown Manhattan: Where Bachuwa Law Began

I'm beginning to believe that I will stay at every single Marriott, SPG, and Hyatt in NY. Ideally, I would prefer to stay at the same hotel when I go to NY for work, but the fluctuations in hotel prices make that impossible.

Fairfield Inn New York Financial District: Just Another NY Hotel

Let's start with the basics: is this hotel worth $700 a night? No. Indeed, it isn't bold statement to say that any Fairfield anywhere in the world is worth $700 a night.
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