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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Simply The Best: May 2024

Half the year is almost over. Here is the best from May:

  1. Samaraa’s Minaret: The Intimidating Wind to the Top

    a man standing in front of a large tower
    Before going to Samarra, I watched a YouTube video that made the trek to the top seem treacherous. I compliment the videographer for her skills but can assure you there is relatively no risk, minus selfie stupidity.
  2. I Blew It: Missing Blowholes in Samoa And Tuna in America

    a man standing on rocks near water with palm trees
    I have to fly all the way back to the South Pacific to visit both Savaiʻi and American Samoa.
  3. No Business Class San Juan to Medellin

    a screenshot of a flight schedule
    For a 2:40 minute flight, I can endure coach while saving my points.
  4. Avianca SJU-MDE: No Business But Right Up Front

    a row of seats in an airplane
    I paid an extra $60 for the best seat in the house, right in the front of the plane.
  5. Zemi Beach House Anguilla: 3 Nights vs. 5 Nights

    two bottles of beer on a towel on the beach
    While the hotel looks nice, I don’t know what I would do for five nights.
  6. Zemi Beach House Anguilla: Forget the View, Focus on the Taxes

    a screenshot of a web page
    It’s an additional $866.76 in taxes, almost as much as one night.
  7. Silver Airways Anguilla to San Juan: Free & Direct

    a map of the caribbean and the caribbean
    Silver Airways offers nonstop service for only $138. In one hour, I could be back home and ready for golf the following day.



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