Friday, March 22, 2019

Pholl of Regrets: Turtle Tower’s Decline in San Francisco

We all make mistakes. I haven't made one since '78 but I understand why people do. That's why I hope you forgive me for writing in July of 2014 that Turtle Tower is the 6th based place to get pho in the world.

OBAO Noodles: Mid-Level Pho in Midtown

The more places I go for pho, the more I am convinced that I was right when I wrote that NY has terrible pho. A surefire way of not finding a winner a great pho...

Pho Jersey City! Better Than New York City

From Long Island City to Jersey City, I was all over the place on this trip. A new city means a new opportunity to try pho. New York City is by far the worst...

Pho Vietnam 87: A Go to Pho Spot in NYC

So here we go again. Another day in NYC, another bowl of pho to try. Today's bowl comes from Chinatown at the festive Pho Vietnam. The restaurant certainly has ambiance. There's all sorts of...

Wagyu Pho in Guangzhou: Too Much of a Good Thing?

While visiting the Guangzhou International Financial, I stumbled upon Pho Kim Saigon. I rationalized another culturally insensitive meal as something I had to do for the blog. As I was flipping through the menu, something caught my eye.

Buckeye Pho: Something I Actually Like In Ohio

The Buckeye Pho Restaurant Review is part of the Trip Report: Buckeyes Wolverines 2016 which covers the following places: Cleveland, Ohio Columbus, Ohio  Detroit, Michigan  So we lost the game after a tremendous time in Columbus. That doesn't...

Pho @TheSpot: #NotSoMuch

Maybe I don't like pho as much as I thought I did or maybe my review from years ago that NYC has terrible pho is wholly accurate. In my latest disappointment, I visited @TheSpot,...

Nha Trang One NYC: Not The Pho Of Life

A reader wrote the following: Eh I don’t really blame you for doing whatever you can to take your hustle to the next level. It’s not like your pho noodle reviews were going to take...

Delta SkyClub SFO: The Best Pho Real

After sitting in the last row of a Delta flight from SFO-JFK, I needed to eat, drink, and shower. The next stop on the tour of all things Delta was the SFO lounge. I'll get to the typical pictures of the seating and the bar in a moment.

Pho Saigon NYC: Only for the Spring Rolls

For my frequent readers, my modus operandi is clear: Have a couple of drinks, chat with the bartender, then 'OK Google' the terms 'pho near me'. The reviews are meaningless as the highest rated pho...
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