Pho Flinders Melbourne: Fantastic Pho on Flinders


Pho Flinders Melbourne Review is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

If at first you don’t succeed…blame the terrible pho chefs in Darwin. After that horrendous pho experience, I was beginning to wonder if I knew what pho was. Like a golf swing gone awry, I began to question if I ever had it. Maybe that Philharmonic sound of a Ping hitting a Precept (clowns use Titleists when they are not pros) and the ball launching effortlessly in the air was a fiction of my imagination. Maybe this bowl of broth isn’t the cave of wonders like my ancestor Aladdin imagined. Maybe this is just soup.

And then TPOL slurps a bowl of proper pho and everything comes back to life.

Welcome to Pho Flinders, the best name for a street or lane (see Supernormal: Where to Eat in Melbourne) since Dequindre or Livernois.

There’s no talk of ‘have you had pho in Australia?’ here. There’s just damn good pho in a damn big bowl for the damn right price of $12.50AUD. I will briefly mention that the summer rolls (2 for $5AUD) are also good, but I would rather focus on the bowl of wonders.

It’s a wonder why they can’t make it like this in Darwin. It’s a wonder why anyone who can’t make pho still tries. It’s a wonder why people don’t eat pho every day!

Pho Flinders!


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