Aviator Issues: Business Bonus (Most of It), Personal Rejection


Oh Barclays, you do know how to make me happy and frustrated.

Let’s start with the good:

After months of back and forth calling Barclay, (see Like JetBlue, The Process Drags On), I finally was approved for the Business Aviator card (see Persistence Pays Off Again: Business Aviator Approved!). Because I was moving to Puerto Rico, I put my parent’s address on the application. Perhaps they’re over my points hustle or perhaps it was an accident, but I never received the card (see Nomadic Churning: Where Do You Send Your Card?). I updated my address but went on my last minute Hong Kong/AU/NZ before the card arrived. When I returned, I knew I was up against the clock and made a purchase on 1/22/2019. The only other charge was on 10/31/2019. Since the 90 day window starts on the day of approval, I wasn’t sure if I made the cut. Today, the points posted. Had they not, this would’ve been the biggest blunder in my points career.

Now for the frustrating:

For some reason, I only received 50k, not 60k points. I called in and now the situation is being escalated. Although it’s annoying to have to call customer service anytime, I have to say that Barclays business has the most pleasant hold music.

Finally, for the expected:

I cancelled my personal Aviator and tried to apply for it again on the same day. I got rejected and received the most accurate reason for the rejection:

Perhaps it’s time to chill out on all the credit card apps.

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