Barclay Business Aviator: Like JetBlue, The Process Drags On


I have to hand it to Barclays. They are thorough when it comes to processing credit card applications. It’s a lot tougher than the glory days of applying for 4 Alaska cards at once (special Festivus shout out to MMS for killing that deal). Like my JetBlue Business Card application, which required Congressional oversight before approval, my application for the Business Aviator card is under the same scrutiny. Like my JetBlue Business Card application, I was initially rejected  for having sufficient credit (see Surprise Reason for JetBlue Business Card Rejection). I called recon and verified information about my business and was told I could shift credit from my JetBlue personal card. Unlike the old days, this did not lead to an instant approval. Instead, I was told that they would review my application and send me a follow-up letter. If it’s anything like last time, that letter will be a rejection which will prompt another phone call. While this is a minor inconvenience, it is worth the 60k offer if I am approved.

Anyone else enjoying Barclays business card application process?


  1. yes, I am sure FM doing Necker Island and multi-apps and bragging about it had no effect either (not to exonerate MMS, but still…)

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