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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Happy Festivus! Airing of Points Grievances 2017

Happy Festivus! It’s been a great year for TPOL, but let me tell you all the ways that airlines, hotel chains, credit card companies, bloggers, and commentators have disappointed me over the last year. I’m just as angry as when I celebrated Festivus in 2015 and Festivus in 2016.

Here we go:

  1. Iberia Points Transfer Problem 
  2. SQ Deval Notice Means Nothing
  3. Angry at Amex Platinum Too!
  4. Alaska Cancelled My Flight: What Am I Owed?
  5. Delta Gives Points for Delays
  6. Outstaying Your Welcome: Hyatt Trinidad Says No Pool Access
  7. TPOL’s Complaint of the Day: Southwest Needs a NYC Airport Code!
  8. TPOL’s Complaint of the Day: Exclamation Points!!!
  9. Complaint Of The Day: Samsung S7 Camera Not Saving Pics!
  10. Complaint Of The Day: Hotel to Airport Shuttles
  11. Flyertalk Readers Don’t Get My Humor
  12. Complaint Of The Day: Airport to Hotel Shuttles
  13. United Basic Economy Review: It Sucks
  14. Tipping At The Cash Register: Are You Bleeping Kidding?
  15. YG at 1-Oak Vegas: Getting Too Old For This…
  16. Complaint Of The Week: Amex’s ‘New’ Website
  17. How I Almost Left Marrakech After One Night
  18. Why I Decided to Stay in Marrakech
  19. Complaint Of The Week: ITA Matrix Default Currency
  20. Complaint Of The Week: Enough World of Hyatt Emails
  21. Uber JFK Scam ‘Resolution’
  22. Complaint Of The Week: Elevator Etiquette, Pushing Your Floor Number
  23. Uber Won’t Stop, Can’t Stop Surging!
  24. Not Receiving A Mistake Fare Is Not Blog Worthy
  25. Ethiopian Business JNB-ADD: The Worst Flight Ever

While I received the usual troll comments “You’re the worst TPOL, this is click-bait TPOL,” and other unoriginal thoughts, Flyertalk readers especially don’t get my blog.  Yet they continue to read and continue to be outraged (#13 above). Here are some of those comments:

lwildernorva writes: Is this guy for real? Yes, there are rich people who really do pay 29 euro for drinks. And no, most who stay in the Park Hyatt Vendome don’t search the streets of Paris for the nearest McDonald’s so they can bring food back to their rooms: http://thepointsoflife.boardingarea….sine-birthday/.

Astrophsx writes: “Hard to set the bar any lower than the points of life” regarding my guide for where to eat in Peru. Sorry, I didn’t use more adjectives to describe the nacho cheese.

NineWorldSeries writes: “Not just hard, but impossible to set the bar lower than Points of Life. He makes other completely incompetent, awful blogs look well-written by comparison.”

A late addition to Festivus was the following comment from an individual I hope not to meet in person. The following came in response to my Ethiopian flight post. Some of this stuff is just scary:

@ The points of life

Really! You are such a grinch!! It’s really sad that the world is still filled with people like you. Negative, chronically complaining… Just disappear already and the world would be a better place, really.

If this is what it took to steer you into such a tirade over a flight this short…I wonder how you would react to real issues, like terminal illness, famine, war, racism..

Seriously find a new hobby or get a life! You can’t expect us to take you seriously with such spoiled child nonsense!!

March 2018 will be four years of TPOL. By now you either love my humor and enjoy my writing or you do not. For those that do not, I have nothing to say. For those that do, the good news is that I’m not changing. In fact, because so many blogs repeat the same things over and over, I think I’m going to go harder in my quest to Making Blogging Great Again. That starts with my commitment to have a complaint of the week each and every week. After all, it’s the holidays, why not complain?

a man holding a bottle of champagne
Look at this grinch!

Happy Festivus!



  1. […] Happy Festivus! Airing of Points Grievances 2017. – As much as travel can be relaxing and wonderful, airlines and hotels can cause some major frustration.  Ok, mayb you shouldn’t complain as much as my friend Alex does.  But it is good for the soul to air your grievances so you can get on with your life and focus on the positive experiences and your awesome plans for the future. […]

  2. Glad to see the comments field available again. When I saw the title, I figured this would be a huge post. Nothing about the awful WOH program as a whole, or is that deserving of a big post unto itself?

  3. Yeah things keep breaking on the site which is annoying. #20 addresses part of the WOH problem but looks like I went easy on them for the most part this year.

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