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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Aria Vegas: Sweet Life, If You Can Experience It

Aria Vegas is part of the TPOL Won’t Visit All 50 States And That’s OK Trip Report.

Why do I always receive suite upgrades when I am unable to make the most use out of them? I was in Vegas for two nights. The first night I went back to my cheap, go-to option, the Hyatt Place for 9k points (see The Hyatt Place Las Vegas Review: No Dice). Arriving at midnight, it didn’t make sense to pay or use points for an on-strip option. And, given that my conference was at the UNLV Law School, Hyatt Place was ideal for the location.a sign in front of a building

The second night, I used an expiring Marriott stay cert and booked a room at the Aria. I didn’t arrive at the Aria until 8PM on a Friday. I was impressed yet disappointed that I would only have a few hours in this tower suite.

Living Room

a room with a table and chairs a room with a laptop and a table

a room with a table and chairs a group of wood balls on a black table


The bedroom was something else. It reminded me of my view in the Ascott Thonglor, my home during my Bangkok Residency.

a framed picture on a wall a bedroom with a large window a bed with a lamp and a table in a room a window with a view of a city


What’s better than a bathroom that reminds you of home? a bathroom with a sink and a tub a shower with a tile walla group of white bottles next to a towel

a picture on the wall
Bidet toilets coming to my house soon.

Don’t Touch Anything

Everything has a charge. Drink and party at your own peril.

a tray with glasses and a bucket on it a group of bags of food on a tray


In addition to the suite upgrade, there is a lounge for refreshments (not alcohol) and light snacks which is accessible with the tower suite room key.

a room with purple chairs and art on the wall


What a beautiful room. What a nice hotel. Or so I’ve heard.a road with a large building in the background

a cars parked in front of a large building a sign on a building


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