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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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The Hyatt Place Las Vegas Review: No Dice

This is part of the Trip Report: The Greatest Diamond Challenge of All Time. Check out how I planned my Hyatt Diamond Challenge and how it cost next to nothing here.

In this report, I will cover:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • San Diego, California
  • Carlsbad, California
  • Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Mexico City, Mexico

Getting There: From McCarran International Airport as of writing this post your best bet is to hope for an honest taxi since Uber is frowned upon in Vegas. The fare varies on the integrity of the driver but getting from LAS to the Hyatt Place should not cost more than $10. On the way back to the airport, I took the free hotel shuttle.

The Hyatt Place Las Vegas Review: No Dice but why?

  • The Casino 

The title is applicable because there is no casino at the Hyatt Place. This is to be expected but the absence of gambling does not mean that the hotel can’t be nice. (see THEhotel at Mandalay Bay.)

  • The Location 

The Hyatt Place is located next to the Hard Rock which would be convenient if it was a decade ago and the Rehab pool party was still cool.

  • The Quiet

If you’re looking for quiet and isolation then you shouldn’t go to Vegas in the first place. The isolation and quiet of this hotel in particular made an energetic city seem depressing.

  • Just Another Hyatt Place 

The Hyatt Place Las Vegas is just another Hyatt Place, a chain that pales in comparison to the Hyatt House. There’s nothing wrong with the brand but there’s nothing impressive either. It’s basically an upscale Hampton Inn. The room is large, the couch is welcoming, and the bed is comfortable. If I was a business traveler in Omaha, Nebraska then I’d appreciate the amenities of the Hyatt Place. As for a location in Vegas, I find it to be pointless (aside from the Diamond Challenge).

Here are the pictures of the hotel of which I was a resident for a mere two hours thanks to Vegas being Vegas.

The bright lights of the Hyatt Place
The party couch
Room for my rock equipment
Soaps to wash off Vegas filth
The spacious room
Real Vegas: Rooftop @Omnia

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  1. what you may not realize this property is a reflag many years ago Hyatt reflagged from AmeriSuites and none of them was done well Mostly dark and unappealing just as your pictures reflect. In my travels I avoid unless it’s a built to spec HP, sorry Hyatt but it’s true.

    • You’re way ahead of me. Next up after San Diego was the Hyatt Place Scottsdale. Same review, different title. Anything for the Diamond Challenge.

  2. I think you give the Hyatt Place a bad name. 5000 points is a steal – given no resort fees and free breakfast (and a decent one) – it’s not the nicest one in the world – but it’s always a viable contender when traveling to Vegas. It will have a comfortable bed, decent view, fast internet, big room and free breakfast. Well worth the 5000 points.

    • I hope I’m not the ‘anyone’ you are referring to. I was there for Diamond Challenge not because I was expecting the bright lights of Vegas. Nevertheless, the hotel is mediocre at best.

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