Sunday, December 4, 2022

Luxor Vegas: A Great Value in the Desert

Compared to my experience in Luxor, Egypt where I was ripped off at every corner, my two stays at the Luxor Casino in Vegas was much more positive. Let's start with my biggest gripe about Vegas, the hidden Uber pickup and drop off areas.

Excalibur Vegas: Not A Castle On The Cloud

What a s&*thole! Do not stay here. This hotel, to quote Charles Barkley, is turrible. The check-in for M Life Platinums is slow, the room is motel style with those sheets, and the entertainment is nonexistent.

MGM Grand Las Vegas: I’ll Take The Under

Overrated! Overrated! That's the familiar chant as guests march out of the MGM Grand. This mega hotel which is the third largest in the world has 6,852 rooms.

Four Points Las Vegas: Getting Off the Strip

Saturday in Vegas was UFC 200. It was the start of NBA Summer League. I was also slated to arrive at 12:30AM in Vegas. Instead of staying on the Strip at someplace fancy like the Excalibur (scathing review to follow), I decided to take the economical route by booking a room at the Four Points Las Vegas.

The Hyatt Place Las Vegas Review: No Dice

The Hyatt Place Las Vegas Review: No Dice but why? The title is applicable because there is no casino at the Hyatt Place. This is to be expected but...

Vegas Knockout: The Hangover

It's all over minus the hangover. Six weeks ago, I began the Knockout Tourney: The Winner's Bracket of Where to Stay in Las Vegas. And much like a trip to Las Vegas, I'm oh so...

Vegas Knockout: All Hail Caesar’s Palace

(3) Encore vs (1) Caesar's Palace The official winner of the Vegas Knockout is Caesar's Palace! All hail Caesar's Palace who beat out the number three seed Encore for the distinction of the best place to stay in Vegas. Overall,...

Vegas Knockout: It’s Cosmopolitan to Be Broke

(4) Cosmopolitan vs (1) Caesars Palace The American way has gone from saving for a better tomorrow to kicking the can down the road for enjoying today. The deficit, the debt ceiling, and purposeless spending...

Vegas Knockout: The Encore Wynns in Overtime

(3) Encore vs (2) Wynn The Encore vs the Wynn is analogous to 1 divided by zero, the answer is undefined. It's really a matter of personal preference. They are essentially the same hotel with...

Vegas Knockout: The Butler at MGM’s Skylofts

(8) Skylofts at MGM vs (1) Caesars Palace  Have you ever been to the MGM Grand Casino? It is one of the largest hotels in the world, making it easy to get lost simply trying...
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