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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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SLS Las Vegas: Not LA Cool

When I think of the SLS brand, I think of the hip one in Los Angeles. That is not the case for the one in Vegas. This hotel is lodging for those coming for conventions. It isn’t for the partygoers.

sls las vegas hotel review

Trying to requalify for SPG Platinum, I booked one night at the SLS Vegas. At $107 including the stupid resort fee, it was a steal.

The Location

This hotel is the old Sahara and is located on the North end of the Strip. It’s convenient if you want to go to Fashion Show or Encore but is far if you’re looking to be in the heart of the action.

Checking In

When I checked in, I received two drink tickets for the Monkey Bar. Each was worth up to $15. I used them to purchase a refreshing grapefruit tequila cocktail and cucumber St. Germaine tequila drink. I initially ordered the espresso martini but sent it back at the bartender’s suggestion. She showed me the ingredients and agreed that it was an awful combination.

a room with a booth and tables and pictures of a monkey a picture of gorillas on a wall a menu of a bar a napkin on a table a bar with a large counter full of drinks a glass with a drink and berries on it a glass of liquid on a table a glass of drink with ice and a green garnish

Getting To The Room

Get down, get down. I couldn’t keep that song out of my head. From the hallway, to the elevator, to the mirrors in the room, everything had a funky feel. a hallway with a signa mirror room with many mirrors from the ceiling a ceiling with many lights a hallway with doors and a light on the wall a door with numbers and a white paint splatter

The Room

The room was spacious and was equipped with a proper television, not an outdated flat screen which takes forever to flip from one channel to the next.

a room with a bed and a mirror a bed in a room a window with a poster on it a room with a large mirror and a television a room with a tv and a coucha desk with a white chair and a white phone and a white boxThe Amenities

As the saying goes, “Don’t get drunk off the mini-bar.” The water is free but I recommend purchasing more for those dreadful Vegas mornings.

a table with food and drinks on it a group of water bottles and a couple of cards on a table two plastic bottles with black labels

The Bathroom

The walk-in shower had good pressure but the tile around the drain was at a sharp angle. I couldn’t find a comfortable place to stand. The photo behind the toilet was appropriate: relax, take your time.

a toilet with a clock on the wall a hand pointing at a clock a white tube of lotion next to a white package a bottle of liquid next to a white box a group of white containers on a shelf a bathroom sink with a mirror above it a shower with a towel rack

The Pool

The pool is lame and dated. It is not the party spot I thought it would be.

a group of people swimming in a pool a group of striped tents in a courtyard a pool with people swimming in it a pool with people in it a building with palm trees and a blue sky a large grey duck statue

The W

The W is connected to the SLS. In fact, the SLS used to own the tower that is now the W. The nicer rooms are in the W tower but with that niceness comes a higher nightly price.


Having an SPG hotel on the Strip for the right price may be enough to warrant a return to the SLS, despite its shortcomings.



  1. It is good news that there is a Starwood option again on the strip.In the past I enjoyed staying at Planet Hollywood and getting great upgraded rooms thanks to Starwood Status. It was sad when that option left. The hotel looks nice overall but yes a bit different than the LA scene.

  2. The SLS was just sold and should close with the new group in Q3. I don’t think it will stay Starwood connected post-sale.

    It’s unfortunate you chose that hotel as just isn’t very good, but I guess if you are a Starwood loyalist it makes sense.

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