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Monday, July 22, 2024
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Simply The Best: March 2024

Were you one of the fools who thought TPOL was done blogging? (see I Quit Blogging). It’s been ten years of blogging (see TPOL Is Ten And #MasterOfWon) and, for some reason, I still receive unsolicited advice on how to write my blog or how I am supposed to travel. It’s been ten years and somehow I can’t resist the urge to engage with the fools. But this is a post about the highlights from March 2024, so I’ll keep it positive by revealing the best. Here they are:

  1. Baghdad, Iraq: Day 1
a sculpture of two crossed bones
It was an indescribable feeling to walk around Baghdad. The personal history, the media’s portrayal, and what it is now all came together and left me speechless.

2. Guns & Butter: Tonga Travel Guide

a blue ocean with waves
Tonga was a wild experience.

3. Tonga Cave Diving, Jumping & Gimping

a cave with water and rocks
Don’t stop the recklessness. That was my theme when I was in Tonga. First, I went swimming with whales. Then I thought I would push my luck by checking out an underground cave full of fresh water.

4. $300 Delta Damaged Luggage Payment: Fair?

a broken suitcase with a handle
I accepted the $300 and can’t say I am too upset about it. What do you think?

5. Tonga to Fiji: Not The Same Business

a plane on the tarmac at night
12,500 and the out-of-pocket cost was still a great value, $28 vs. $466, but the hard product was not as lavish.

6. Travel Lesson: Leave the Duty-Free Wine Behind

a man sleeping on a couch in an airport
If I had no checked luggage, I could have proceeded through the faster transfer line.

7. This Is TPOL BREAKING NEWS: Ladyboy Fight in Bangkok

a group of women in garments outside a bar
In the ultimate, big dick competition, “Officers were called on Monday night when more than 100 local sex workers converged on a hotel being used by sex workers from the Philippines on the city’s Sukhumvit Road, part of a sprawling area of gogo bars, street workers, and massage parlors.

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