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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Haircuts Abroad: Medellin Edition

Haircut Medellin is part of the Birthday Bash Trip Report.

Do you care how you look when you’re on the road? While I try to arrive in style by flying business or first, I don’t always have time for a haircut before I go. So long as I am not in an overpriced city like NYC where I have to stylize myself (see Fair Or Foul? Cutting Your Hair in a Hotel Room), I enjoy the local barbershop experience.

The Medellin barbershop was not the relaxing, therapeutic time like the old days in the Etihad Lounge (see Etihad Arrivals Lounge: Time for a Proper Shave) or the party atmosphere of the Virgin Atlantic Lounge in London (see We Be Clubbin!). Located in the overly digitally nomadic neighborhood of Manila (see Too Many Gringos), Barberia Manila did have its own level of charm.

a barber shop with a chair and a refrigerator


Never sit in a barber’s chair without asking the price in advance. In Bangkok, I assumed it would be cheap but found out the hard way how much a terrible haircut can cost (see Cut That Out! Scammed at the Bangkok Barber). I didn’t make the same mistake and was satisfied with paying 36,000 pesos ($9).


Dentist Or Barber? 

The barber, a kid who was maybe 20 at the most, did a thorough job. I believe he should have been a dentist because he would take compressed air every few seconds and spray it over my face. Then he would take the clippers and jam them up my nose to make sure that there was no calculus build-up.


Despite the trauma, I came out looking like 3,869,990,000 pesos.

a man taking a selfie in front of a sign

TPOL’s Tip: The location is Cra. 43F # 11a 28 2piso, Medellín, Antioquia.



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