Virgin Atlantic Lounge London Heathrow: We Be Clubbin!


The Virgin Atlantic Lounge Review London Heathrow is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

This lounge is called a clubhouse and for good reason. Like the Costco setup of the Turkish Airlines Lounge in IST, the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at LHR is novel. I had 8 hours to spend at the lounge and was able to see and do everything.

The Setup

The lounge is huge. There are plenty of places to sit if you want to relax and plenty of places to dine. What I could not understand, given the size of the lounge, is why other guests insisted on sitting right next to me. I get the allure of Pumba, but what happened to personal space? Before you get pissy with me, check out the innumerable seating options: 

Where I unsuccessfully tried to sequester myself.


If you’re looking for a game of snooker, head upstairs to the billiards room.


If you’re looking to have a cigarette, head outside and prepare to be fined. While you can go outside for fresh air, smoking is not allowed. 

The Drinks

Unlike most lounges where guests have to go to the bar to get drinks, at the Clubhouse you simply have to wait for the waiter to come by. While this was convenient, it became a bit irritating because the waiter would come by every few minutes and ask if everyone was okay. “Yes, I’m fine,” heard ten times over by the people who sat too close to me got old real quick. It’s a trivial complaint but given the option, I would rather go to the bar myself than have to interact over and over. Of course I was cordial, but still. 

Like Centurion Lounges, the Clubhouse had speciality cocktails. Some were good, some were turrible.


The Food 

There is a self-service buffet and there is ordering a la carte. I started off with some snacks and then ordered breakfast. 

Fresh salmon
British Breakfast!

Trying to avoid the crying children (whom I welcome more in airline lounges than hotel ones), I found a booth in the back corner. The waiter came and took my order. She kept asking if I wanted more of this or more of that. To which I said: yes, yes, and yes. 

Poki bowl
Pretty good curry
Great burger
Wings & Meatballs, TPOL’s favorites for you social engineers out there.

The Haircut 

After 40 days on the road, TPOL was starting to look like Pumba. Wanting to arrive in SFO and minimize the chance of a ‘random search‘, I booked a complimentary haircut. I also required a shave like those offered in Etihad Lounges, but that was extra. 


I rather enjoy the Virgin Clubhouse just as I enjoy flying Virgin. Much like TPOL, Virgin delivers quality while maintaining a sense of humor. Richard Branson calls coach riff-raff. TPOL calls it peasant class. Richard is a billionaire. TPOL is a points millionaire. Same same, but different.

Unlike Branson, TPOL’s got that style.


  1. Nice review. Any nap rooms, given how long you were there? On the drink refill front, it’s tough to get it just right. On one hand, there was your situation, on the other, the Private Room in Singapore will get you the first drink in a hurry, but it’s surprisingly tough to get another.

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