Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Don’t Fly Allegiant!

I once wrote a post called Allegiant Airlines Review: Expect Everything, Carry Nothing. There I documented a perfectly peaceful journey from Montana to Las Vegas on an antiquated MD80. Most people probably have never...

Bevvy Scottsdale: Where to Watch Michigan Win

When I was living in Mongolia in 2014, I wrote Are You Ready for Some Football? An Expat’s Survival Guide for American Deportes. A fellow Michigan grad who happened to be in Ulaanbaatar read the article and wanted to see the home opener spent the evening watching the Michigan game in my apartment.

Ripoff Alert! Great White Cage Diving in South Africa with SharkLady Adventures

Warning! Warning! Warning! Do not go shark cage diving in Gansbaai before reading this post.

Costco Delivery Review: On Demand Broccoli!

The Costco Delivery Review goes under the Expat Life category because life is expat easy for TPOL in Scottsdale. Sure it's unseasonably cold this week of February with a high of 70, making it necessary to wear a winter coat to a Giants spring training game.

The World’s Greatest Travel Jacket: Part II Coming Soon

If you see me on the road, chances are more likely than not that I will be wearing my Baubax Travel Jacket. It's the best piece of travel equipment I own (see The World’s...

Fluent Forever: The Best Way to Learn Multiple Languages?

Disclaimer: I don't get paid for this either, just like I didn't get paid to endorse the Westin Air Diffuser. Sometimes it's fun to write in italics.  I can curse out trolls in multiple languages:...

My Home Smells Like A Westin: Yours Can Too!

Disclaimer: I do not get paid for this Westin Scent Diffuser Review. I am only including this sentence to improve the SEO for this post.  TPOL is a luxurious minimalist. I don't like stuff but...

Dar es Salaam Airport: To Hotel Or Park Bench?

Dar es Salaam Airport is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report. Keep your Priority Pass card in your wallet. You do not need a VIP card to enjoy the outside lounge...

Malaria Or Food Poisoning? Day 2 Safari Ruined

Malaria Or Food Poisoning is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report. I'm too familiar with food poisoning. Sharm El Sheikh was the worst. Siem Reap was second. Prague was third....

Tech Fee? Getting Ripped Off At Scottsdale Bars

Getting Ripped Off at Scottdale Bars is part of my ongoing day-to-day TPOL in the Desert Trip Report. Arizona provides the best value for those that want to live the lifestyle of the rich and...
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