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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Punxsutawney TPOL: Travel Lessons

Punxsutawney Travel Lessons is part of the Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report.

I always make mistakes when I travel. I openly confess such mistakes. Instead of thanking me, some readers like to criticize me. Here were my lessons from this trip:
  • Order at least a medium deep dish pizza, well-done crust (see Post Lockdown Dream Fulfilled? Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago).

    a pizza in a pan
    Order a medium pizza. Even if the small is more than enough for two, I contend that a medium is required for the synthesis of the deep dish crust, mounds of cheese, and pepperoni to come together perfectly.
  • Register and activate your Priority Pass before travel (see Priority Pass Registration: Remember Not to Forget).

    a bottle of alcohol on a counter
    The Priority Pass membership number alone is not enough to access the Priority Pass app. A pin is also required. When I tried to generate the pin using my cc as validation, it did not work. I ended up having to call Priority Pass from the airport terminal to obtain the pin.
  • Use Skype for toll-free calls (see TPOL’s Tip: Use Skype for 800 #s Abroad).

    an airplane at an airport
    The best way to avoid roaming calls and, more importantly, be able to get through to 800 numbers is to use Skype. It’s free and it works.
  • Pay for bags in advance or avoid discount carriers (see Viva Air Colombia: Discount Carriers & Baggage Fees).

    a yellow airplane on a runway
    Smuggling bags worked out for me this time, but I refuse to endure the stress of wondering if I’ll be slammed with bag fees and would rather be responsible and pay in advance.
  • Buy wine on your final stop only (see Guns & Butter: Ribera Del Duero, Madrid Travel Guide (Vino Edition)).

    two glasses of wine on a table
    I bought two bottles of Gran Reserva. I stupidly did not think of what I would do with the bottles since I had many stops left on my trip, and I didn’t have a checked baggage allowance.
  • Buy souvenirs when you see them (reference futbol scarfs, see Guns & Butter: Conwy, Wales Travel Guide).a man standing in front of a stone wall
  • Don’t Dilly Dally on the Way to the hotel. Restaurants were closed upon late-night arrival in Milan (see Late Night Bite in Milan).

    two brown bottles with white labels on them
    I thought I had plenty of time. It was not until I got to the room that I realized that my watch did not sync to the new time zone. It was in fact 11:30PM and the kitchen was closed.
  • Don’t bring any workout equipment (see No More Mobile Gym No Matter What).

    a bag with a backpack and rings
    I can’t work out in the hotel room, I refuse to work out at hotel gyms. The problem remains: how can I stay relatively healthy while I am gone?
  • Don’t Book Open-Ended Itineraries: It is too stressful and too time-consuming to figure out where I am going next and how I am getting home. a map of the world with red lines


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