Coravin Wine System: The Solution for Classy Bingers


Disclaimer: If you buy one from Amazon, I get paid. 

I wrote the post You Don’t Have to Order a Bottle of Wine to outline my plan for not overconsuming and overspending on bottles of wine in restaurants. To complement this plan, I ordered a crazy contraption called Coravin which allows wine enthusiasts to enjoy a fine glass of wine without opening the bottle. I first saw this device in action when I was in Ribera del Duero (see Guns & Butter: Ribera Del Duero, Madrid Travel Guide (Vino Edition)) where I ordered fancy wine to sample by the glass.

Unico goes for 425 euros per bottle.

I paid $279 for this special edition, Chinese New Version of the Coravin.

How It Works

A magician does not reveal his secrets, so I will not give specifics. The important takeaway is that the bottle is never opened and the wine is preserved for months if not years.

Put it on the top of the bottle, tilt, and pour.


Hopping from country to country, it is difficult to bring wine home. When I do bring a bottle, I am hesitant to open it because it is the beginning of the end. With the Coravin, I can sample a taste of the souvenir wine without this worry.

Saperavi from Georgia


Whether you are looking to preserve souvenir wine from abroad or buy finer wine by the glass, the Coravin is right for you.

TPOL’s Tip: Don’t use the Coravin for cheap wine as the Argon gas capsules which allow the magic to happen come at a cost.


  1. Nor have I but why waste good wine with over indulgence? Combo a hefty pour of one with a mid level bottle after.

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