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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Coravin Wine System: The Solution for Classy Bingers

Disclaimer: If you buy one from Amazon, I get paid. 

I wrote the post You Don’t Have to Order a Bottle of Wine to outline my plan for not overconsuming and overspending on bottles of wine in restaurants. To complement this plan, I ordered a crazy contraption called Coravin which allows wine enthusiasts to enjoy a fine glass of wine without opening the bottle. I first saw this device in action when I was in Ribera del Duero (see Guns & Butter: Ribera Del Duero, Madrid Travel Guide (Vino Edition)) where I ordered fancy wine to sample by the glass.

a woman wearing a face mask holding a wine bottle and glasses
Unico goes for 425 euros per bottle.

I paid $279 for this special edition, Chinese New Version of the Coravin.a red box with a red box with a picture of a wine glass and a corkscrew a table with a red box and a red lighter and a red package

How It Works

A magician does not reveal his secrets, so I will not give specifics. The important takeaway is that the bottle is never opened and the wine is preserved for months if not years.

a red wine bottle and glass on a table
Put it on the top of the bottle, tilt, and pour.


Hopping from country to country, it is difficult to bring wine home. When I do bring a bottle, I am hesitant to open it because it is the beginning of the end. With the Coravin, I can sample a taste of the souvenir wine without this worry.

a bottle of wine with a red handle
Saperavi from Georgia


Whether you are looking to preserve souvenir wine from abroad or buy finer wine by the glass, the Coravin is right for you.

TPOL’s Tip: Don’t use the Coravin for cheap wine as the Argon gas capsules which allow the magic to happen come at a cost.



  1. Nor have I but why waste good wine with over indulgence? Combo a hefty pour of one with a mid level bottle after.

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