YG at 1-Oak Vegas: Getting Too Old For This…


Riggs, I’m Getting Too Old For This Shit.

I’ve quoted that line too many times to count on this blog. It was true when I went to 1-Oak in Vegas during NBA Summer League. A dubiously famous rapper, YG, was performing and the line was out the door. Using my M-Life Platinum status, I bypassed the line and did not pay cover. That was almost as rewarding as winning my price of admission on a hand of BlackJack at XS two days prior.

1-Oak at the Mirage, previously Jet, is still a fun place with great hip-hop. I didn’t mind the $20 drinks or the jam-packed atmosphere. My issue was when YG came on stage and interrupted the DJ with his weak lyrics and Bel-Air Prep infringing outfit. One of his famous songs, Why You Always Hatin? is clearly directed at me.

The answer is because you have no talent.


    • first, i give you credit for reading the post from my ethiopian post but where’s my credit for incorporating YG with kenny g? YG sucks, that’s not my fault.

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