Tipping At The Cash Register: Are You Bleeping Kidding?


I was at the Cosmopolitan in need of a drink. Instead of paying $15 at the Chandelier Bar, I went to the gift shop and scored a big Bud Light for the superb value of $9.63.

When I ran my card, the machine prompted me to add gratuity to my purchase. I was offered four choices: 0, 15, 20, or 25%. Before going with zero, I asked the clerk if anyone ever tips. He said they did to which I quipped, “for what?” He said it was good karma to tip. The other clerk said it was good luck to do so. I said it was a stupid idea. That interaction ended quickly and I left.

A few months ago, I wrote about how I don’t tip Ubers. The response to those comments are worth reading/disturbing. If anyone would like to tell me why I should tip a cashier, I’d love to hear it. I do not see why anyone would ever tip a cashier. The beer is already a rip off. The cashier does nothing but scan the beer. He doesn’t open it for me or provide a garnish. He doesn’t even swipe my card. If he’s mad he doesn’t receive tips, he should complain to the Cosmo hotel or get another job.


Here’s an actual tip: For a good time, play the Vegas Escalator Drinking Game.


  1. Absolutely agree! I think it’s stupid to tip for beer! There is very little/no service provided but in US culture there’s a stigma against not tipping. It doesn’t make sense to tip on packaged goods. Who tips for buying a bag of chips or a candy bar?

  2. As you said in uber tip article, tipping is american etiquette. Some may say its for exceptional services rendered. Some may say its hospitality bussines, a smile and being polite doesn’t qualify for exceptional.

    But since this is travels and points blog, let me rephrase that in something more familiar. Flight attendants. There are some suggested a tip is necessary. Some are rude and refuse services using union or understaffed as reasons. Some complain about the long hours and low pay. Some would go extramile for the benefits of customers/passengers.

    I say its just a reason to demand more money for less work, in a bad way. Not smart, just plain simple LAZY. Too lazy to think a good way to make customer pay extra willingly, just use the stupid etiquette. Is that mean american is stupid?

  3. I see more and more tip jars. There is not much you can do about it. If you feel like tipping tip, if not, move on is the approach I take.

  4. Each hotel usually only has one POS (Point of Sale) system for their stores/restaurants. No reason to bash the sales people over it.

    Now if they had a tip jar and was pestering you to put money in it, well thats a different story.

  5. Maybe it’s just me, but Vegas seems to have gotten worse on just about every front over the last decade or so. Room prices keep getting jacked, “resort” fees have multiplied like rats, comps have gotten much, much worse, and prices have gone up a lot on pretty much everything. Then there’s the new and improved taxes on every room in the area to pay for a football stadium that the vast majority of tourists will never even visit. Add in tipping at every turn for no particular service, and it’s just another reason to avoid the place.

  6. Alot of card systems are going to this.Overall I think it’s a great idea Alot of people use electronic payment these days and it enables you to tip people who normally get overlooked that deserve to be. Wether or not the person chooses to is up to them.

  7. I am a Cashier myself at the moment at a Lovely gas station. So here’s the deal. I consider myself to be 10000% Amazing with my customer service skills. If i see you having trouble finding something, Im gonna come around the counter and help you look for it. if your looking for the cheapest pack of smokes, i’m gonna ring every pack and find out for you. When you come in and buy $69.90 of Bottled drinks, chips and Candy for your demon kids that cant seem to stop making a fucking mess in my store ( that i just mopped) and i’m Happily smiling in your face telling you dont worry about it well take care of it, I quickly get to it as soon as i can when im done ringing you up. if your coming through the door in a wheelchair or crutches and see you struggling to open the door, guess whos there to be your 5 second chauffeur? And a tip is not even the first thing on my mind.

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