What’s Hot in Vegas: Summer 2017 Edition


Vegas is the worst city in the world, yet somehow I end up there at least once a year. Last year I went for NBA Summer League and for my interview with Richard Quest for CNN Business Traveller. This year I once again returned for NBA Summer League. I went Monday-Friday, ideal times to avoid amateur hour and overpriced everything. Here’s a list of what to do and where to stay based on my last trip.

  1. NBA Summer League: This event gets bigger each year. I go searching for legal clients and to see the inner-workings of free agency, international basketball, and the business side of basketball. There’s also basketball going on for those that are trying to see up and coming stars. 
  2. Hotels: Westin vs MGM vs SLS: This time I stayed at the Westin followed by the SLS and then the MGM. I picked the Westin for SPG requalification and the SLS both because I had not stayed there and for SPG reasons. I concluded with two nights at the MGM because of the accessibility to nightclubs and pool parties.

  3. Nightclubs: What’s still cool.
    • XS at Encore: Encore is the best hotel in Vegas and XS is the best club whether it be day or night.

      XS at Encore
    • Hakkasan at MGM: I was too tired to make it out to Hakkasan but the word on the street is that it’s the place to be on a Thursday. I also heard Mandalay Bay for the night swim.
    • Marquee at Cosmo: Like XS, Marquee has stood the test of time.
    • 1-Oak at Mirage: 1-Oak isn’t as popular as many of the clubs in Vegas but it’s still a solid choice. It’s easier to get into this venue of the franchise than the one in New York. 
  4. Pool Parties:
    • Wet Republic: I went on a Thursday so it wasn’t very packed but still fun enough. 
    • Encore Beach Club: If you’re there on the weekends, go here.
  5. Food: There are many high-end restaurants in Vegas. I usually end up not eating or binging at a buffet like the one at Luxor.

    Luxor 2016
  6. Shows: Not for me.
  7. Strip Clubs: I’ve heard the following are great.
    • Spearmint Rhino: Apparently, it has been redesigned.
    • Sapphire: There’s a great Mexican restaurant next door.
    • Crazy Horse 3

Obviously, there are tons of other options in this land of filth, but that’s more or less what I managed to do the four nights I was there. I hope never to return.


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