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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Churn Answers Via Chase’s Secure Message Center

The best bank for online support is Chase via their Secure Message Center. They will quickly change due dates for cards even if the online system doesn’t allow it because the card is too new. They will confirm the meeting of the min spend on the card when tracking a dozen .csv file becomes overwhelming. They will also advise about which cards have been in the portfolio for the last 24 months.

This was sort of useful for me. I knew I had the United Business Card before but no clue as to when I had it. A quick message to Chase and a day later I heard the good news that Chase had no records of me having the card. This tool avoids the unfortunate result I had with Delta Amex because it puts their decision in writing. The reason it was sort of useful was because I still got rejected for the card despite calling recon. Barclays and Chase Business not lovin TPOL lately.

Another great enhancement of the Secure Message Center is the ability of the agent to match offers. Chase upped the 50k British offer to 100k and despite my skepticism, the good folks at the Message Center were able to match the offer without screenshots, back stories, and typical yelling.




    • Here’s what I wrote: “I was looking to apply for the united business card but
      wanted to make sure i had not received a bonus from it
      within 24 months.”

      But to dispel any conspiracy theory that my churning proclivities prompted a rejection, I was too impatient to wait the one day turnaround so I called in by person, they verified that they had no record of me having the card, and said I could apply online. Then I got rejected. Then today I got a response online saying I could apply.

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