Monday, December 5, 2022

18:50 Minutes to SIN: Is Anyone Ready for This?

18:50 to SIN is part of the Reunion Tour Trip Report. There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know...

13.5 Hours in JFK: Wait, There Was Early Check-in?

Before I travel, I am required to read my Travel Lessons so I don't make the same mistakes I always make. I did so this time to my detriment. Let me explain.

TWA Hotel JFK: Where to Not Spend a Layover

I had the world's longest layover at JFK before taking the world's longest flight. The last time I had a long layover, a reader suggested I visit the TWA Hotel.

Priority Pass Orlando: The Full House

After my first flight on Frontier, I needed a chiropractor (see Not Breaking News: Frontier Airlines Sucks). Fortunately, there was a Priority Pass in the terminal. Unfortunately, I could not enter it until three...

Not Breaking News: Frontier Airlines Sucks

Frontier Airlines Sucks is part of the Reunion Tour Trip Report. Frontier sucks. But we already knew that: What’s the Worst Discount Carrier? Post TPOL, Frontier Erases Alfredo’s Adventure to Puerto Rico Frontier Airlines: The...

Hyatt Grand Reserve Puerto Rico: A Globalist in Name Only

Hyatt Grand Reserve Puerto Rico Hotel Review is part of the Despacito! TPOL Moves to Puerto Rico Trip Report. I moved to Puerto Rico more than four years ago (see Despacito! TPOL Is Moving to...

LOT JFK-WAW: It’s How You Finish

LOT JFK WAW Flight Review: This was the first time I had flown LOT business. I had read mixed reviews and was eager to try it myself.

JFK: Too Early to Check-In

I am paranoid when it comes to transport. En route to Warsaw, I had to connect in JFK. I flew jetBlue from San Juan to NYC at 11:50AM with a scheduled arrival at 3:45PM. Despite my 10PM flight, I was still paranoid that disaster would strike and harpoon my RTW itinerary.

Iberia Business ORD-MAD: Mask Jokes Literally Don’t Fly

"Where's the champagne?" Thanks to Covid there was no pre-flight celebration. My first time flying a long-haul flight since my return from Shanghai in 2019 was off to an unremarkable start.

Guns & Butter: Chicago Travel Guide (Baseball, Hot Dogs, Pizza, Beer, Pho Edition)

I love Chicago in the summer and will go back for more baseball, hot dogs, pizza, beer, and pho.
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