Thursday, August 6, 2020

Giordano’s Pizza Chicago: Trust Your Taste Buds, Not Your Friends

Giardanos Chicago is part of the Round The Atlantic Trip Report. In 2014, I wrote the post The World’s Best Pizza: Chicago Deep Dish Edition. I'll spare you the click and tell you that the winner...

Pho Paradise Found: Asia on Argyle, Chicago

On the next 30 for 30, TPOL goes for 30 bowls of pho in Asia on Argyle.

Memories of Memorial Day: Sox & Tigers at U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular Field is part of the Round The Atlantic Trip Report. Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of baseball.  I have only been to a few games in my life, most notably seeing Bonds...

Iberia Business Madrid Chicago: Solid Sweetness

Flying Iberia business is a solid option. Flying it from Madrid to Chicago for 25.5k Avios is the best option.

Golf Is Back in PR: Safe to Share Tees?

Golf Is Back is part of The Lost & Found Years(s) Trip Report. Finally, we can golf again, though surfing is still TBD. Carts are still not allowed, leaving me to walk with...

COVID Workout: TRX, Of Course

COVID Workout TRX is part of The Lost & Found Years(s) Trip Report. Disclaimer: TPOL gets paid if you purchase TRX goods using my link.  I am going gym free in 2020 out of necessity and...

PSA: Surfing in Puerto Rico Is Illegal

Surfing in Puerto Rico Is Illegal is part of The Lost & Found Year(s): COVID Trip Report. We are all going to go crazy if every activity that gives us peace is not allowed. The...

The Lost & Found Year(s): Covid Trip Report

I have a chronological list of Trip Reports. Documenting my life through Trip Reports helps me remember what I did each year (see Writing Trip Reports: How Old Is Too Old?). Without trips, it...

Work Conference in Williamsburg? Play Golf Instead

What a great day to skip a conference. What a great day for golf. 

Colonial Williamsburg: I Could Live Here

Colonial Williamsburg is part of the TPOL Won’t Visit All 50 States And That’s OK Trip Report.   When I first started this trip report, it was to consolidate random US travels into one place. At...
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