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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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MDE-MIA: My First Business Class Flight on AA, Worth It*?

MDE-MIA on AA is part of the Coupe du Monde Trip Report.

In 2012, I flew business for the first time. It was an angle flat seat on Lufthansa. I have classified and chronicled all airlines I have flown since then in varying detail.

a screenshot of a phone

a screenshot of a checklist

a screenshot of a survey

a screenshot of a survey

a screenshot of a checklist

After ten years of points travel, 2,737 blog posts, and over 1 million unsatisfied readers later, this is the first time I have written a review for American Airlines.

a group of dots on a white surface

Of course, I have flown AA in the last ten years, most notably when they stuck me on a 737-MAX immediately following the tragic accident (see Flying 737 MAX 8), but this is the first time I have done so in business. This is worth a post for two reasons:

1. I have managed to use my Oneworld points strategically on partner airlines.

2. I have no status on any airline yet have flown premium on mid to long-haul flights in spite of it.

Instead of paying $1,305 to fly from Medellin to Miami, I spent $82.78 and 22,000 Avios. Typically, I would fly coach (see Points in the Front, Peasants in the Back) and only pay 10,000 Avios. However, because business was available and the points are so easy to accrue, I thought I would indulge. Here’s what I received:

a white pillow in a plastic bag on a seat of an airplane
A pillow
an airplane seat with a shelf
And a blanket

a seat in an airplane

a plastic cup of orange juice
OJ in plastic, no champagne

*Worth It?

If you’ve noticed, a certain blogger has used ‘worth it’ on every post title lately. It is obnoxious, but not as annoying as ‘ouch, whoa, gee whiz’ (see Blog Roast OMAAT: Starting Posts with Ouch, Wow, Uh Oh, Wild, Major, Whoa).

My flight was a red eye, leaving at 2:10AM, arriving Miami at 5:45AM. To make it ‘worth it’ (see What Are Redeye Flights? Are They Worth Taking?), business was the way to go. With that said, I would still opt for economy on AA for domestic flights under 5 hours.

Whoa, wow, do you think reading this post was worth it :/ (see Real Writers Don’t Use Smileys)? Leave your critical comments below for the opportunity to be featured in Festivus 2023 (see Happy Festivus! Airing of Points Grievances 2022).



  1. Pls continue to make more honest (negative) call outs of One Credit Card at a Time. He is a one man corporate marketing department with the personality of a durian.

  2. Yep. My experience has been that all red eye business class flights out of Colombia to the USA comes with zero catering. I was at least expecting a hot breakfast before arrival but not on those routes. Exit row seating is the way to go IMO on these routes.

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