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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Points in the Front, Peasants in the Back

What’s your favorite designation for economy class? One friend calls it ‘scum’, another calls it ‘the hostel section where deodorant is purely optional and seldom used, where odor is a cross between a porta potty and a Parisian supermarché mid August.’

I call it ‘peasant’ and those who don’t churn call it home. Since I don’t have the bank to back up my bravado like Trump, let me be clear that these terms are used in jest. Don’t bother commenting about your sensitivities.

The reason I ask is because I’m in the process of booking another undeserved long-haul flight. I’m looking to fly first while my companion, a graduate from points weakling to points semi-pro, has to fly business. The look of disappointment when I informed her that her AA balance wasn’t quite high enough to splurge for first was priceless. Mind you, it was only a few months ago that she was content enduring coach as a points novice to Maldives flying for 40 hours, stopping in three continents just to get there for a price of $33 in taxes.

How quickly things change. Now, it’s no longer, ‘where are we going?’ but ‘what kind of plane are we flying? What champagne is being served?’ Those not in the points game will find this devolution shallow but I can’t help but be proud of all my friends who have embraced the TPOL lifestyle and send me itineraries of great points redemptions.

Though points have allowed Ms. TPOL to see the world in style, it’s remarkable how she quickly forgets what coach is like. This is evidenced by her refusal  to call recon when she doesn’t get an instant credit card approval, a behavior easily rectified by showing her pics of angled-flat seats.

Disclaimer: TPOL recommends you Shut Up and Book! We never know when this whole game will end leaving us all riding dirty. 

TPOL: When business class is no longer good enough
TPOL: When business class is no longer good enough


    • Of course that’s an option but it’s more a matter of whether it is worthwhile. Business class on this particular route would be just fine. So it’s more about me burning miles to get to first than her wasting miles to do the same.

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