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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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TPOL’s PSA: Hit the Deer

You ever find yourself going down a winding street in the middle of the night when all of a sudden a 200lb deer decides to jaywalk? If you’re riding in your new car or perhaps if you’re riding in a rental while on a trip, the temptation may be to steer your way around the deer forgetting that your Chase Ink car rental insurance has you covered. That could prove to be a fatal move for you and your passengers.

Instead, do as we did yesterday: Calmly slow down, brace, brace, brace, and watch Mr. Deer hit the driver side of the cover, go up in the air, bounce off of the passenger windshield  which surprisingly did not break, and fall onto the side of the road.

“It all happened so quickly,” is often said in these life changing circumstances. Only this time it all happened so slowly. We saw deer. Deer saw us. We struck deer. Deer is no more.

Get out of the road jackass (deer)

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