Alaska Free Companion Fare: Giveaway!


Is Alaska’s Free Companion Fare Useless? Some think so, some do not. Some think the whole debate post was useless (see comments). It’s no Southwest pass and getting to Tahiti is cheaper than going to Hawaii. That’s not a big selling point for me, Andaz Maui notwithstanding. Also, I ran a marathon in Alaska. Going to visit my buddy Robb up there again and convincing someone else to go see the old man is a tough sell. Finally, I have so many points and believe in Avios so much that the idea of paying for a ticket pains me, though I am risking life and limb flying Allegiant to Vegas for what is surely the greatest Hyatt Diamond Challenge ever.

But enough about me, this post is about you Alaska Airlines lovers. I have 6 more passes that I don’t want to see go to waste and will be handing out the codes a few months before each expire. This post may be a bit premature since they don’t expire till May 2016 and I just gave away the one that expires in October. But in the interest of good faith and because I’m in a good mood that college football is starting, I will give one away now, free of charge.

All you have to do is follow me on Twitter or Instagram and hashtag #TPOLinAlaska to enter. The winner will be announced on Sunday.

Note: The actual rules make it cumbersome for me to giveaway the pass. I’m going off of what a reader said who told me that I didn’t need to be involved in the redemption.




  1. Are you certain that the “winner” can use your code? It’s been a few years, but last time I used someone else’s code (to book a trip for our daughters), I needed to be signed into her account to actually apply the code to the purchase.

    • In my previous post, I mentioned that rule from Alaska’s site but a reader said it would still work so I gave him a code. If it doesn’t then I guess I’ll find out.

  2. In my experience, the companion pass only works if the primary traveler has the same last name as the person the companion pass was issued to. Also note this section of the terms:

    “Transferability: Discount Codes and tickets are not transferable. They may not be given to another individual, and may not be sold, bought, bartered, auctioned or collected in bulk. Any deemed by Alaska Airlines to have been distributed or acquired improperly will not be honored and traveler will be liable for payment of full fare.”

    • Yeah I updated my post to reflect that. That was my understanding as well but maybe there’s a travel hack that I’m not aware of….Or maybe I should just erase the post.

  3. […] http://thepointsoflife.boardingarea….fare-giveaway/ First he humble brags about the 7 companion passes he has from multiple CC sign ups. Then he spends yesterday's post dissing the companion pass. Today he decides there are so worthless he's going to give them away as prizes to his blog readers if they sign up. IMO, the surest way to get something cut off is to embarrass a corporate desk jockey. How long until these sign ups become 1x per 24 months? Or worse. It bugs me when others say it, but this clearly is why we can't have nice things. […]

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