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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Blog Roast OMAAT: Starting Posts with Ouch, Wow, Uh Oh, Wild, Major, Whoa

Today’s travel blogs are becoming more like tabloid spam. How many videos do I have to see with people fighting on airplanes? How many times do I have to read about Chase’s 100k offer? I understand that no one is really traveling and content is hard to come by but when is the travel blogging going to go back to happy travel tales? For these reasons, I am going to write a roast post on each blog that I read where I dole out tough love and provide unsolicited advice on how to make the blog better.

I am starting today with the only blog I read consistently, OMAAT. Lucky publishes multiple posts on a daily basis and gently pushes credit card offers. However, I have to call him out for three things:

  1. The use of emojis which has ruined the English language within his posts (Happy Emoji Day! = End of Civilization).
  2. His overuse of the word ‘given’. There is a thesaurus.
  3. His post titles that start with “Ouch, Wow, Uh Oh, Wild, Major, Whoa”. The title of the article speaks for itself. Why do you insist on using these words? It weakens the headline.

Other than that, keep up the good work. And nice job on calling out that Marriott in Greece.

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  1. He frequently passes judgment on people for being out of touch when not that long ago he begged the internet for money so he could book the Etihad Residences. He makes really great trip reports but he can be so tone-deaf sometimes.

  2. I stopped reading his blog when he felt it was necessary to leave America during the first lockdown. The drama he seems to find in everything as you mentioned is pointless. “Wow, the sun came out today”. I’ll give you the clicks, at least you tell it like it is.

  3. Best post ever. More people need to call our One Credit Card at a Time as the obnoxious fraud that he is. No corporate kickback is too small for him. Uses his blog to personally attach FA and lounge attendants if they bend on one knee and give him what he wants. Total fraud.

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