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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Doom & Gloom: COVID Is Still Here

I was watching the Suns playoff game and was almost tricked into believing that life is back to normal. The stands are packed, CP3 is still selfish, and the Clippers still suck. Then I switch the channel and see that Sydney is back on lockdown, SE Asia has new restrictions, and the continent of Africa is being pummeled by a third wave.

Is it 2019 or 2020? My answer is 2020, specifically February. At that time everything seemed normal only because we were ignorant to the truth of what was really going down. Back then I gave a warning and was slammed by morons who thought this was all fake (see Travel Or Stay Inside? TPOL’s Thoughts on Coronavirus). As someone who comes from a house of learned doctors, TPOL MD, once again, has to weigh in.


America was winning the fight against COVID with the availability of vaccines. However, the rate of vaccinations has slowed down while the infection rate will soon go up due to the loosening of restrictions and the influx of the delta variant. At this point, I could not tolerate another lockdown nor am I willing to wear a mask for eternity (see Another Useless Puerto Rico Lockdown). Unfortunately, due to vaccine hesitancy, I am guessing that the hospitalization rate will increase and we’ll be back to talks of bending the curve. 


While idiots are peddling conspiracy theories about vaccines, the rest of the world is begging for help. Entitled rich countries still don’t understand that this hell will not end until the world is vaccinated. And the variants won’t stop until the world gets ahead of the spread. It’s not the time to complain about how I can’t travel internationally. It’s time to unite and solve this with a global effort. 

What’s the point?

Things may seem like they’re normal in the United States, but it’s an illusion. Doom and gloom will soon return unless there is the same urgency from 2020 to eradicate this virus. The solution is not social distancing, nor is it wearing masks 24/7. The solution is certainly not another lockdown. The solution is vaccines, both globally and locally. 

a man wearing a mask and glasses
I’m not doing this bullshit again.




  1. Always complaining. Go travel somewhere. We are looking forward to Brazil, Amsterdam, Athens and Croatia later this year. I also hold out a tiny bit of hope that we can visit Bangkok and Tokyo this year, too. You are vaccinated, so go out and enjoy like before we are all dead anyways. Let the morons get sick and die.

      • Maybe bitching is a better word. We have been to all of these places, too (except Croatia). So, you don’t return to places you have visited before? We do frequently. It is more about the travel than the destination anyway. Besides, at then end of the day, every European city is pretty much the same, so Europe is Europe. The same applies to many other parts of the world.

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