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I learned about the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash moments before boarding my AA flight from Miami to San Juan this past Sunday (March 10). Incidentally, I was flying a 737 MAX 8 home. I messaged my friend a photo from the plane and questioned if it was safe to take this flight. I was somewhat serious but not very concerned that I would return home without incident. After watching fellow travel enthusiast and former interviewer Richard Qwest (see The CNN Business Traveller Clip! Now Playing), I personally would get on another 737 MAX 8. With that said, I don’t see why all carriers don’t ground the planes until the investigation of this latest crash is complete. Chinese air carriers, Ethiopian Airlines, Aeromexico, among others, have grounded the planes. Southwest and American have yet to do so. There is an inherent risk in doing anything, but this is one that can be minimized until investigators figure out what is going on.

What say you?

I didn’t think twice about flying home, but some experts are saying otherwise.





  1. I have a Southwest flight on a Max and am thinking of changing it. I’m 99% sure it’s not necessary, but I don’t get a do over if I’m wrong. I think many flyers will think like that. After all, if the flight attendants union says a flight attendant doesn’t have to fly if they feel unsafe why should it be different for passengers.

  2. I decided last November never to fly a 737 Max again after reading the article below from the LA Times. The 737 Max is not airworthy. Normally computers are use to assist the pilot. The 737 Max computer is designed to overcome a fatal flaw in the design of the aircraft to prevent it from stalling.

    Below is a recent article that is simpler to understand.

  3. It’s intuitively obvious to the casual observer that something is wrong with the plane. Two similar incidents in a few months with brand new planes in similar circumstances? That seems a touch unlikely. Passengers should be given a waiver. Then again, the FAA move of not grounding the plane looks like favoritism toward Boeing, which ultimately will not help them sell more planes. Boeing should be asking for a temporary grounding to reassure the world that they make super awesomest planes and welcome the verification that the 737MAX is safe.

    • New data shows that the plane was reporting that it was ascending when it was in the ground! Obviously, something is wrong.

  4. For a overseas flight, I will ask for a different flight..Seems that the instructions/training of all the Pilots didn’t happen..

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