Lufthansa Munich to Newark Business: Basically Basic


Lufthansa Munich Newark Business Class Flight Review is part of the Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report.

I booked a flight from Munich to Newark using precisely 62,760 Lifemiles in business on Lufthansa. The last time I flew Lufthansa long-haul was my inaugural business class flight on points in 2012 (see Angle Flat Lufthansa: My First Points Flight Review). Back then I was blown away by ice cream on a plane. Fast forward to 2021, those tricks do not impress me. And neither did this basic flight from Munich to Newark.


There’s plenty of space in the business-class cabin, especially when sitting by the window.


Whether upright or lie-flat, I was comfortable.


While it will not make the list for best airline champagne (see Get Ready to Takeoff: The World’s Best Champagne), in the midst of Covid nonsense, it was nice to see that it was served.

Amenities Kit

It was also nice to see an amenities kit with a mask as the featured item.


I was impressed by the selection of food. I traded my original order with Ms. TPOL.


I take it back. I am still impressed with ice cream on a plane.


This flight was boring. The question is why it was boring. Have I taken too many business class flights that I require a silent disco to come away impressed (see Emirates A380 Silent Disco!)? Perhaps, Germans do things so well that I take the regimented routine for granted. Or, as I have said before, business class simply can’t compare to first (see Cathay A350 HKG-BKK: I Miss First Already). What I do know is that I found the experience to be basic. Maybe that’s a good thing. I have no idea.


  1. This seat is so subpar.
    I had the chance to fly Swiss 777 business class or Lufthansa 748. I end up choosing the 748 to fly in the upper deck, but I’m kinda regretting my decision tbh

  2. I’m not sure the millions of people that died, and or are still are ill, would classify Covid as nonsense. Just saying

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