Lufthansa Business Lounge Munich: Dry as Their Pretzels


Lufthansa Business Lounge Munich is part of the Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report.

I can attest that Lufthansa first-class lounge in Frankfurt is awesome. I snuck in by convincing the agent that the roman numeral “I” on my boarding pass meant first. That trick worked in 2012, but I guarantee it won’t work today. Since then I have been to two Lufthansa lounges. Both were in business. Both were in Munich. Both were stale. I wrote the title of this blog post before checking the title of the other. It was called Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Munich: Pretzel & Nap.

Either I’m not creative or I am spot on. Either way, due to my compulsive nature of documenting each part of the trip, I have to share some photos of this lounge. Going forward, I will make a better effort to document the gate location of the lounge, in the event that the pretzels in one are better than the other.

The pretzels were displayed more nicely here than the other Senator Lounge.
Are these meatballs or potatoes?
Remember masks in a lounge?
Jam packed seating.
I came for this photo.


Lufthansa business class lounges are worse than Delta’s.


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