Monday, June 5, 2023

Delta Sky Club JFK: The One Without the Hot Dogs

I need to start taking note of where in the airport I am. I write reviews about Lounges, (a noble cause without question) but I often neglect to put which lounge it is. That's exciting for readers because they won't know which lounge they will end up in if they read my posts.

Delta Sky Club Cincinnati: I’m in Cincinnati?

When I booked the flight, I rationalized that paying another $70 to have one connection instead of two connections was too much. That's why I am in Cincinnati for the next four hours. The...

Delta Sky Club JFK: Hot Dog Eating Contest 

Fat man at the lounge strikes again! As does another lounge venue for a TPOL food eating contest.   I arrived late to the airport today because NY traffic was exceptionally bad. That left me with...

Delta Sky Club MSP: A Bloody Mary Under Construction

The real time blogging begins with a review of the Delta Sky Club MSP. Per usual, I'm in the back of a Delta flight on my way back to New York City.  With only one...

Delta SkyClub SFO: The Best Pho Real

After sitting in the last row of a Delta flight from SFO-JFK, I needed to eat, drink, and shower. The next stop on the tour of all things Delta was the SFO lounge. I'll get to the typical pictures of the seating and the bar in a moment.

Delta SkyClub JFK: Waiting for First Call

Before you slander me for a nonexistent drinking problem, realize that I was one of many thirsty patrons at the Delta SkyClub bar waiting for first call. What's life without music? What's a lounge without alcohol?

Delta Sky Club Salt Lake City: Unlimited Egg Whites

My favorite Delta Sky Club is in Atlanta. My second favorite is the one in Salt Lake City. Unlike the self-serve style of the one in Detroit or the one I went to in Minneapolis, the Sky Club in SLC is worth the [free] cost of admission courtesy of the Amex Platinum card.

Delta Sky Club Detroit Metro: This Again?

Am I crazy? Wasn't I just here? The Delta Sky Lounge at Detro Metro Airport is exactly like the one in Minneapolis. This one boasts a grand entrance with a front desk that makes you think you are checking into the Waldorf. Instead, after taking the escalator up one level, you find yourself back in the mediocrity that is the Delta Sky Lounge.

Delta Sky Club Minneapolis: Serve Yourself

"Where is the bar?" I asked the check-in hostess. She directed me to go to the back of the lounge where to my surprise I found two things: 1) A decent selection of alcoholic beverages 2) no bartender. I was expecting more from this lounge because Minneapolis is a hub for Delta. Compared to the Atlanta Sky Lounge which is one of the best lounges I have visited, this one was average.
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