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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Delta Sky Club Salt Lake City: Unlimited Egg Whites

The Delta Sky Club Salt Lake City Lounge Review is part of the Trip Report: Citrus Bowl 2016 which covers the following cities:

  • Orlando, Florida
  • Miami, Florida

Read the Overview here: Points Make It Possible and the Golf Preview here: This Round’s on Trump. I’m including the Delta Sky Club Salt Lake City as part of the Citrus Bowl Trip Report even though it was part of my move to New York in 2015.

My favorite Delta Sky Club is in Atlanta. My second favorite is the one in Salt Lake City. Unlike the self-serve style of the one in Detroit or the one I went to in Minneapolis, the Sky Club in SLC is worth the [free] cost of admission courtesy of the Amex Platinum card.

I was there early in the morning in time for breakfast which included all you can eat hard-boiled eggs, perhaps the greatest food next to pho. Besides some yummy cookies, the lounge features a bar where I enjoyed my traveling morning ritual power snack of a beer and Bloody Mary. The best part was the private chair that shields passengers from the bright lights of the lounge and is the perfect spot to take a quick nap before a flight.

2015-12-09 07.52.32
Merry Christmas from Delta Sky Club
2015-12-09 07.56.23
Seating area
2015-12-09 07.57.16
Bar area
2015-12-09 07.57.51
Bar condiments
2015-12-09 07.58.04
Cucumber infused hipster water
2015-12-09 07.58.11
No traditional Coors Light
2015-12-09 07.59.15
Broncos Blood Mary
2015-12-09 08.01.09
Holy grail
2015-12-09 08.01.33
2015-12-09 08.12.55
The best chair
2015-12-09 08.15.31
2015-12-09 08.15.56
A great lounge experience

Onto The Club @ ATL==>



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