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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Delta Sky Club JFK: The One Without the Hot Dogs

The Delta Sky Club JFK Lounge Review is another post in the series of TPOL in NYC.

I need to start taking note of where in the airport I am. I write reviews about Lounges (a noble cause without question), but I often neglect to put which lounge it is. That’s exciting for readers because they won’t know which lounge they will end up in if they read my posts. This cruel trick backfired on me when I arrived at the Delta Sky Club in JFK. I was hoping that it would be the one with hot dogs but it was just a basic Sky Club. There were plenty of places to sit and crispy carrots, but there were no hot dogs. I liked how it overlooked the gates which soothed my constant paranoia of missing a flight due to lounge libations.

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