Juno: Another Rideshare, Another Discount Opportunity


How many ride services do we need? I have Uber (where I don’t tip), I use Lyft (which has grown on me), tried GETT (which doesn’t surge), and have written about VIA (the greatest glorified bus service). And now I’m promoting a Juno Rideshare Discount Code.

The latest is Juno which is supposed to be Uber with a heart. Juno, as described by the driver, is a ride service that shares its profits with the drivers sharing. It is better for the drivers because they have a stake in the company.

Right now Juno is giving new subscribers a discount on rides. Here is my promo code if you are in NYC and want to check it out.

Somehow it doesn’t matter what ride service I take because I’m always stuck in traffic on the way to JFK.

juno rideshare discount code
No more taxis is a great thing.

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