Pho Vietnam 87: A Go to Pho Spot in NYC


So here we go again. Another day in NYC, another bowl of pho to try. Today’s bowl comes from Chinatown at the festive Pho Vietnam. The restaurant certainly has ambiance. There’s all sorts of photo worthy pieces of art and toys on display. But, let’s not get distracted by the trick photography. Let’s focus on the pho.

Per usual, I start with the summer rolls. While they were loaded with plump shrimp, they weren’t particularly satisfying.

I ordered a large bowl of pho tai which came out almost immediately. I’m guessing they have a huge vat of deliciousness on brew in the back. Aesthetically, it looked the part.

It came with lemon, not lime, which is the traditional citric additive. It also didn’t come with cilantro or jalapeños, a must for me. I wasn’t too concerned by the lack of the superfluous additives and chose to focus on the broth.

Unlike other NY pho shops, the broth was pretty good. The beef was perfectly undercooked and the noodles weren’t too soft. Could it be that I finally found a pho spot in NYC? It’s not the best I’ve ever had and doesn’t crack the Top Ten List, but it did the job.

After finishing the last drop, I had to order a cafe su dah. Pho in the middle of the work day is not advisable if not followed by an intense nap and a Costanza approved washroom.

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