Sheraton Brooklyn: My Messes


The Sheraton Brooklyn Hotel Review is another in the series of TPOL in NYC.

Getting There: The Sheraton Brooklyn is located at 228 Duffield St, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Unless I’m flying into EWR, I use Uber/Lyft/Juno/GETT.

NY is exhausting. I’m not a full-time resident of New York so I’m always looking for deals when I come for short-term work trips. ‎Often, the Four Points fits the bill because there’s usually a hotel available for a convenient price. This time the lowest price was well over $200 which lead me to dramatic plan B, staying in Brooklyn.

For $130 the Sheraton Brooklyn is a great deal. It’s right across the water from downtown Manhattan and very convenient for getting to JFK and LGA. After meetings all day and some extracurriculars, I arrived at the hotel at 4AM ready to check in. Little did I realize that I had booked a room for the next day. The front desk attendant asked if I wanted to check in early and allowed me to do so because of my platinum status. This more than generous offer caught me off guard. He followed up by apologizing that he couldn’t upgrade my room, something that was of no interest to me. I was blown away that in NY I was essentially getting a free night. I checked in and went to sleep, ready to do it all over again the next day.

Instead of only posting the usual pics of the pristine room, I thought it would be more appropriate to show the devastation of the room which characteristically takes place moments after I check-in.

Sheraton Brooklyn
Sheraton Brooklyn
Starbucks On Site
Starbucks On Site
The neighborhood
The neighborhood
2017-03-30 16.04.44
View from the room
2017-03-30 16.04.48
Brooklyn is now retail

And now for how the room looked when I arrived:

As for the lounge, it is worth skipping for cocktail hour. There’s bad wine and fried snacks. Breakfast was typical.

And now for the mess:

2017-03-30 16.04.12 2017-03-30 16.04.18 2017-03-30 16.04.27 2017-03-30 16.04.33



  1. Reminds me of my sister’s kids. Within an hour of arriving anywhere, it looks like someone threw a hand grenade into their suitcase. It’s a gift.

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