Friday, December 2, 2022

Bolt: The Preferred Rideshare App in Estonia

The days of default using Uber are long gone. The new technique is to land in a new city, check for public transport, and then compare those options to the local ride shares that are available.

“Tickets, Please, Tickets”: Train Anxiety

I have great anxiety when riding them because I never know if I purchased the right ticket. I am always worried about being fined by the ticket checker because I booked the wrong fare or worse for not having a ticket at all.

What’s Your Uber Rating? You Know You’re Going to Check

I remember when I wrote about my 4 point something Uber rating and was slammed for it not being that high. Apparently, I'm not the perfect model passenger. Today, I was able...

Uber Is Illegal in Colombian Airports, Unless Your Brother Is Picking You Up

Uber Is Illegal in Colombian Airports is part of the Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report, where TPOL leaves the basement. It’s finally happening despite inconsistent policies, interruptions, and human stupidity as explained in these posts: ...

Take the Train to St. Petersburg!

Moscow St. Petersburg Train is part of the Quest Around the Globe Trip Report. Take the last train to Clarksville. Take the first train to St. Petersburg. With St. Petersburg the next stop on the trip,...

Moscow’s Metro: A Living Museum

If you know TPOL, you know I don't care to visit museums. As an eternal optimist, I think of it as something to do when I'm old and fragile.

Why I Lie to Taxi Drivers About Where I’m From

Where You From? is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report. Nepal should be on the list for Worst Places to Hail a Cab. After asking where I'm going and giving...

America Needs More Trains! Amtrak DC-Williamsburg Review

Amtrak DC-Williamsburg is part of the TPOL Won’t Visit All 50 States And That’s OK Trip Report. I wrote that I won't visit all 50 states and that I was fine with it. I would...

How to Get to EWR Airport: Take NJ Transit

From NYC, taking NJ Transit is not bad. Here's how that experience goes. First, walk or take the subway to Penn Station.

How to Get to JFK from Brooklyn: LIRR, Of Course

When I fly to JFK, I typically go to Manhattan via a combination of AirTrain and either subway or Long Island Rail Road.
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