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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Moscow’s Metro: A Living Museum

Moscow Metro is part of the Quest Around the Globe Trip Report.

If you know TPOL, you know I don’t care to visit museums. As an eternal optimist, I think of it as something to do when I’m old and fragile. If you know TPOL, you know that I enjoy visiting living museums like the Cu Chi Tunnel in Vietnam. Another tunnel of great significance and great beauty is Moscow’s metro system. Shanghai’s metro is clean and efficient, New York‘s is full of rats, Prague has the longest escalator, while Moscow’s is alive with both people and art. I spent an afternoon going from one famous stop to another.

a building with a sign on top of it

a red machine with a screen
What other museum costs $0.65 to visit?

people on an escalator

a wall with signs on it
Can NY put up signs of its stops?
a sign with text and a line of directions
Great for practicing your Russian

a group of people in a tunnel a sign on a wall a group of people standing on a staircase a group of people walking in a tunnel a ceiling with lights on the ceiling a group of people on an escalator a group of people walking in front of a buildinga group of people walking in a tunnel a stained glass window in a wall a mosaic of a woman holding a child a stained glass window with a star in the middle a statue of a man with a beard and a man holding a gun

a hallway with many arches and lights





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