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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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How to Get to EWR Airport: Take NJ Transit

How to Get to EWR Airport is part of TPOL in NYC ongoing Trip Report.

My routine is as follows: fly to NY, find a cheap hotel (see TownePlace Suites Long Island City: Spring for Four Points Instead), get there, attend a meeting, get back to the airport. Every time I go, I complain about how inefficient it is to get to any airport in NY. I have covered the topic extensively:

This time around my flight was from EWR, the worst airport to fly into in the NYC area. The reason I hate EWR is because NJ Transit is awful. When I lived in Hoboken, I had to rely on the dreaded PATH train to get me Manhattan. The train was slow, unreliable, and if I dared try to take the train after a night out, I wouldn’t get back until the sun goes up. The same problem happens when I arrive to Newark at night. I end up waiting for an hour at the train station and don’t get to my hotel until the wee hours of the morning. It is a bad experience.

a building with a bridge over the tracks
Tick, tick, tick tick, Chris Berman style.

From NYC, taking NJ Transit is not bad. Here’s how that experience goes. First, walk or take the subway to Penn Station.

a street with many buildings and people on it
I prefer to walk.

Second, purchase a ticket for $15.25. a machine with a screen and buttons a screen on a wall

Third, find a seat in the antiquated train.

a screen with a schedule on it
Any train with the airplane icon will take you to EWR.

a train at a station inside a train with brown seats

Fourth, don’t use your headphones since there are no digital displays for station names.

Fifth, exit the train. a person walking up an escalator

Sixth, and most importantly, don’t throw away your ticket! It is required to exit.a close up of a ticket

Seventh, take another antiquated vessel to your terminal.

a seat on a train
One side has seats, the other does not and the car is tiny and awkward when full.

a large white pipes in a building

Eighth, ask yourself why you fly Jetblue to either JFK or EWR because there is no damn lounge!

TPOL’s TIP: The journey on the train takes a little less than an hour. That doesn’t include the AirTrain ride.

How to Get to EWR Airport is part of TPOL in NYC ongoing Trip Report.



  1. NJ Transit may be awful but you can’t blame it for the PATH trains – they’re operated by the Port Authority (PATH strands for Port Authority Trans-Hudson).

  2. You poor schmuck, you had to live in New Jersey? Condolences. On the plus side, doesn’t the train from Penn station go directly to EWR? That’s better than the options to the other two airports, isn’t it? For a world class city, New York seems to have some airport connection issues.

      • I’ll bite:why? I’ve liked JFK since the Pan Am days, but that’s just nostalgia on my part. Why an airport that’s tougher to get to? Pardon the diction and dangling participles hanging.

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