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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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TPOL for Sale? Surely You Jest

I received this email yesterday:

We are a rewards points service that specializes in helping people find and book the best airline flights using their credit card points & miles.We have recently pivoted into the affiliate and blog space and we are looking to acquire businesses to help us grow in that direction. Your website The Points of Life made it on our short-list of sites that we’ve identified as being a good potential fit.  
If you’re interested in selling, please reply with a confirmation that you would be interested and I would love to set up a call at your convenience to discuss things in more detail.

Let’s be clear: TPOL is not for sale. Why? First, without this blog, what would my editor do all day when he is not rummaging for garbage (see Who Is The Most Interesting Man in the World (After TPOL)? and see Circling The World on a Bicycle: Part 2 of My Editor’s Journey)?

Sidenote: Clifford don’t correct the bold text above. That error is from the person who sent me and many others this serious offer to sell. Perhaps when we get bought out they could still use your services.

Second, what would I do all day? I would have no forum to complain.

Third, who would replace me?

I scheduled a meeting out of curiosity and, to no surprise, did not receive a call. I’m assuming if they actually want to buy my site it is to improve their SEO through linkbacks. I doubt it’s because they love my pho reviews.

There is enough money in the world to buy TPOL, but I believe I’ll eventually have my Parasite coming out party. This blog will be huge. I will sell thousands of copies of my book (buy Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine). And my screenplay will be adapted. Until then, I will continue to do what I do: be incomparable.

Rest comfortably Clifford, TPOL ain’t going nowhere. (Keep the double negative.) 

a man in a golf cart
How do you retire from retirement? Randy Petersen suggests that I sell and upgrade my golf cart to an electric Tesla version.




  1. I picked up the phone in my restaurant some years back and a voice asked if I’d consider selling.

    “Everything is for sale.”

    It was and I did.

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