Panda Panda: Chengdu Panda Visitor Guide


Chengdu Panda Visitor Guide is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.

Years ago I came to Chengdu but missed seeing the pandas because I fell victim to the Chinese dice game the night before (see Ganbei! The Guide to Making Friends in China). This time I made sure to fly from Shanghai first thing in the morning and go directly to the sanctuary (see Juneyao Airlines: My Panda Express to Chengdu).

Pandas Everywhere

At the airport and at the Grand Hyatt, there are pandas everywhere. It’s one thing to see the panda monuments; it’s another thing to see the real thing.

Airport Panda
Airport Lounge Pandas
More Pandas
Grand Hyatt Pandas
Grand Hyatt Pandas

Getting There

I took Didi (see Expat Life Shanghai: Setting Up DiDi in China) to the refuge, though it is possible to take the metro.


The cost of admission is 55RMB ($8), a steal to see these curious creatures.


It was a Wednesday afternoon and the place was packed. Be ready to push and be pushed if you want to capture pandas at play.


Pandas in person are hilarious. First, they look fake. They look like Disney characters. I enjoy their lifestyle of eating, sleeping, and pooping all day.

Panda Indoors

If it’s too hot the panda relaxes indoors.

Pandas Playing

When they’re in the mood, the pandas put on a show.

Best Panda Footage

Pandas are funny to watch. This video shows the panda at its best and supports my argument that they are people dressed in costume.


The crocs in Darwin were an action thriller. The lions in Kenya were a box office drama. The pandas in Chengdu were a romantic comedy. All were worth the price of admission. But the Academy Award for best animal in nature goes to the African penguin in Cape Town!

Chengdu Panda Visitor Guide is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.

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