TPOL Has An Editor! Welcome Clifford


TPOL is growing at a snail’s pace. As such, it was time to bring in an editor to make sure that my grammar is on point. After careful consideration of one application, I brought on long-time rabble-rouser and grammar aficionado, Clifford Barnabus to assist in making sure that my posts are pristine. It was far easier to welcome Clifford to the family than to deal with the anxiety of being called out for a grammar mistake.

TPOL offers a great, tremendous benefits package including lounge passes, amenity kits, and baby bottles of Jack.

Welcome Clifford every one! (let’s see if he caught that mistake by reading).

A lot of room at TPOL’s office. Inquiry within.


  1. first mistake, it’s cliffordbarnabus. not Clifford Barnabas. c’mon brah!

    second mistake, yes, you need a comma for the appositive. appositive?, you query. google it.

    thirdly, on those baby bottles of jack…please include a nipple.

    at your service (once you give me permissions to login and slap your knuckles with a brutal ruler),

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