Delta Sky Club Cincinnati: I’m in Cincinnati?


When I booked the flight, I rationalized that paying another $70 to have one connection instead of two connections was too much. That’s why I am in Cincinnati for the next four hours. The stop gives me plenty of time to self-reflect.

The lounge is actually nice and much bigger than its MSP and DTW counterparts. It’s calm and quiet, giving me all the time to take pics of the soup and celery, staples of the Delta diet.

There are plenty of places to sit and ponder how I ended up here and why anyone would live in Ohio.

If I had one complaint, it would be the Bloody Mary. The chili soup, on the other hand, was delightful. And the bathroom was very fancy. 2017-03-27 12.59.40 2017-03-27 13.00.59 2017-03-27 13.02.56 2017-03-27 13.03.30 2017-03-27 13.05.202017-03-27 13.07.262017-03-27 13.04.34 2017-03-27 13.05.35 2017-03-27 13.12.29 2017-03-27 13.15.00 2017-03-27 13.18.18 2017-03-27 13.53.04



  1. Good thing there wasn’t anyone in the bathroom while you were taking pictures. That might have been misconstrued.

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