Circling The World on a Bicycle: Part 2 of My Editor’s Journey


I recently wrote about my editor, cliffordbarnabus, and the paparazzi attention he received for circumnavigating the globe on his bicycle (see Who Is The Most Interesting Man in the World (After TPOL)?). As predicted, clif has become an international sensation. The positive feedback from the first article prompted the planetary prominent Pickens Progress to pick him up again (see below). Although his Forrest Gump story is organic, holistic, and other derivations of the same, I have no interest in doing what he did; namely because I do not know how to ride a bicycle (see my experience in Mendoza and Bagan). On the other hand, it is refreshing to read about someone truly exploring the globe, away from the superficialities of worrying about hotel status (he spent 90% of his nights in his tent) and airline upgrades.

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