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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Intro: Birthday Bash Trip Report

I’ve had some wonderful birthday celebrations. Though nothing will be more memorable than my homecoming to Baghdad (see Iraqi Homecoming: My 40th Birthday in Baghdad), 2024 will be no exception. I start the week in Medellin, Colombia. From there, I integrate this Birthday Bash Trip Report with my Rum, Rum Trip Report. As an old man, I have to document what I’ve done historically. As a traveler, I need an excuse to go on an adventure, though staying in Puerto Rico or Scottsdale weren’t bad alternatives.


a sandwich on a towel on a beach
A sandwich in Las Picuas, Puerto Rico is an adventure in itself.


a man standing in front of two large buildings
Impossible to beat Iraqi Homecoming for my 40th.


a man from a window
Riding high in Culebra, Puerto Rico


a golf cart on a golf course with palm trees
Covid Celebration in Rio Mar


a view of a forest and mountains from a hill
El Yunque, Rio Grande


a man in a suit giving a presentation
Professor Bachuwa teaches a CLE in NYC on his birthday


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Intercontinental Marseille


a group of people taking a selfie
Visa blunder in Shanghai. Struck midnight on my birthday detained in Shanghai, went to Hong Kong, and returned to party in Shanghai.


a man holding balloons in the shape of three
Broke after Mongolia, TPOL retreated to the mountains of Montana for one year.


a man and woman sitting at a bar
The Pho King in Scottsdale


a man holding a drink
When friends used to visit in Scottsdale.


a man standing in front of a pool
Super Model at the W Hollywood for my 30th.


glasses of beer on a table
While I was not fired on my birthday, it was shortly thereafter.


a man standing next to a statue
I moved to Shanghai on my birthday.


a man drinking from a glass
I failed to get my internship in Dubai and ended up back in Scottsdale.


a man drinking from a glass
Sambuca, Scottsdale, post 2007 law school graduation.



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