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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Hertz President’s Circle: No Benefit for Frugal TPOL

Hertz’s President’s Circle is part of the Bula! Fiji Hub Trip Report.

TPOL loves cars but I will not waste my money purchasing them because I live in Puerto Rico, home to the worst roads in the US. Back on the road, I thought I found a way to satisfy my need for speed thanks to Hertz’s President’s Circle program. Members of the President’s Circle are allowed to pick any car from the designated rows of cars. In addition, there is no need to wait in long lines before picking up the car. This perk can be yours for free if you have the best credit card available (see Keep vs. Cancel (Proactive Edition): Capital One Venture X). I quickly learned that certain restrictions apply.

  1. I registered for the President’s Circle on the same day as my reservation. When I arrived at the lot, the board said that I had to check in inside. At the counter, the agent said I had to present my ID as this was my first reservation.
  2. When booking, I selected the cheapest option for a rental called ‘manager’s choice.’ While I like nice cars, I have no interest in paying extra for a nice rental. I also hoped that maybe manager’s choice + President’s Circle equals Maserati. I was told otherwise. Manager’s choice = worst car on the lot.
  3. Worst car on the lot = no President’s Circle perk = no thrill of choosing my own car.

TPOL’s Tip: To obtain the benefit of the President’s Circle you must reserve a mid-size car.

I was asked if I wanted to pay for an upgrade. I said absolutely not. I told the agent that I would be fine in a Dodge Neon. She upgraded me nonetheless. Before heading to my car, I was asked if I wanted to pay $57 and return the car on empty. While nothing is worse than trying to find petrol on the way to the airport, this privilege is not worth the premium.

a black car parked in a parking lot
Behold my Honda Accord.

Due to my frugality, the fun of picking my own car will not be something I ever experience. How about you?



  1. Individual choice. I don’t rent much but I tend to go with the midsize so I get the President’s Circle choice but for me the juice is worth the squeeze because my regular car is boring.

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